A circle of strength and love, founded on faith, joined by love, kept by God, together forever.

Meet the owners of Curtis Home Inspections. Chris and Diane were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 20 years. Chris is a lifelong resident of Kentucky, only leaving for a short while to attend Milligan College in Tennessee where he graduated in 1998. Before he was a home inspector, Chris was a youth minister for 17 years. His compassion for people and work in the mission field, lead Chris to pursue a career change to home inspecting. He is a witty, funny, easy going guy who loves hanging out with his wife and kids.

Behind every good man is an even better woman. Diane is a devoted wife and mother of five. She offers support and encouragement to Chris as he pursues his business goals. She also maintains her own career in medical coding. Oh, did we mention she also homeschools her five kids?

Talented, Talented, Talented. Isaac is our 17 year old son. He is an exceptional self taught pianist. He also is an artist currently working on his first book. Isaac is self motivated. He looks forward to graduating in May 2019. He enjoys camping, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Avery is our beautiful brown eyed girl. She can always be counted on for help as she is super organized and independent. She is super funny and easy going as well, which makes her a joy to hang out with. She loves making creative videos and playing with her siblings. Check out her own Youtube channel at “Avery Noelle”.

Meet our three little rugrats. In June 2015, we welcomed through adoption, Angel, Onna, and Elias to the Curtis Crew. They are a funny, unique group of kids that fit the Curtis mold. Angel, the oldest of the group, is quiet and calm, except when making Youtube videos with her sister, Avery. Onna is sweet and curious and will melt your heart with her dimples. Elias is a genius and loves to read. He is funny too. Everything makes him laugh, which makes us laugh. We love having them here and are thankful that God sent them our way.

Curtis Crew Dog 1
Curtis Crew Dog 2
Curtis Crew Dog 3