Home Inspections

Home Inspections

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the condition and functionality of a residential property, typically conducted by a licensed professional known as a home inspector. The purpose of the inspection is to identify potential issues or defects in various aspects of the house.  A thorough home inspection provides valuable information to buyers about the condition of a property before making a purchase decision. It can also help sellers identify any necessary repairs or improvements that may enhance the market value of their home. A home inspection is a visual inspection of the home, top to bottom, to include all major systems of the home. The Inspector is a licensed, trained professional and inspects each home with a certain routine as to not miss anything. The inspection does take several hours. Please be aware that our Inspectors RECORD every inspection for accountability and educational purposes. This allows the Inspector to focus on the deficiencies of the home and to find all that he can for you. Our Inspectors are meticulous and a thorough report will be sent to you via email

What's Covered in a Home Inspection? A Visual Inspection of All Major Systems

This includes assessing the foundation, walls, roof, ceilings, floors, and overall structural integrity of the property.

The inspector examines the exterior elements such as siding, windows, doors, eaves, fascia boards, gutters, downspouts, grading and landscaping issues close to the home that may affect drainage or soil erosion around the house.

The inspector evaluates the condition of roofing materials (shingles/tiles/metal), flashing details around chimneys, skylights, and vents; checking for leaks or signs of damage.

Inspectors assess water supply linessuch as pipes,fixtures, faucets in kitchens and bathrooms; checking for proper functioning of toilets, showers, and bathtubs.  They will also evaluate drains, waste pipes, septic system if applicable.   The water heater will be examined for its condition and performance.

The inspector examines electrical panels/circuits/wiring/outlets/light fixtures to ensure safety compliance with current codes/regulations; checks grounding arrangements and testing GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets in appropriate areas like bathrooms/kitchens/garages/outdoors.

Heating systems such as the furnace, hot water boiler, and radiators and cooling systems such as the central air conditioning units and heat pumps systems are inspected for their operation, functionality, effectiveness, cleanliness, and safety aspects.

Assessments include walls, ceilings, floors, stairways, railings, baseboards, windows, screens, fireplaces, chimneys, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, drywall, appliances installed indoors etc.; looking out for any visible defects or hazards that may need attention before moving in.

These systems are evaluated to determine sufficient insulation and proper ventilation to avoid moisture issues, energy loss, or potential mold/mildew growth.

Fully Licensed Home Inspectors

-trained, experienced, professional

Inspecting Roof to Foundation and Everything in Between

-revealing important details about your home

Photo Rich Report with Video Clips

-emailed same day

Reasonable, Competative Prices

-based upon square footage, age, and outbuildings

Video Recorded Inspections

-for accountability and dducational purposes

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It's Home Inspection Day: What Should I Expect?

The Inspection:  The Home Inspector arrives promptly at the property and performs a detailed walk-through of both the interior and exterior areas, inspecting all major systems of the home. The inspection generally takes 3-4 hours depending on the size of the property and number of outbuildings.

Documenting Findings:  During the inspection process, the Home Inspector will take multiple photographs and notes of any deficiencies or issues found at the home. In addition, our Inspectors record every inspection from the time they arrive at the property to the moment they leave, to every include every conversation.  Although, the video is for accountability and educational purposes, at the Inspector’s discretion, he may choose to include a video clip in the report to further describe a deficiency.

Meeting the Inspector:  The clients/buyers may attend the inspection at the designated meet time.  The meet time is a 30-minute window at the end of the inspection in which the Inspector will be happy to go over the home inspection findings and answer any questions about the home.

Inspection Report:  After completing their visual examination onsite, the Inspector will return to his home office and generate a comprehensive report highlighting their findings - including both major concerns that need immediate attention as well as minor issues that may require future repairs/maintenance jobs.  The report is emailed to the client/agent the evening of the inspection.

Reviewing Results: Clients are encouraged to read the report in its entirety, so they can make informed decisions regarding purchasing negotiations or requesting repairs before closing.

Same Day Report A Home Inspection Report - The Truth Is In The Details

When looking for a Home Inspector, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the report narrative. Using innovative reporting software, our Home Inspectors will issue an unbiased, accurate, comprehensive report that exceeds the state standards.  This essential document provides valuable insights for clients regarding the current state of the property, highlighting areas that might need improvement or maintenance. Rich with pictures and video clips, our reports are easy to read and informative. Overall, a home inspection report plays a crucial role in making informed decisions when buying or selling a house. Knowledge is power, and we want you to have everything you need to make the right decision.


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