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At Curtis Home Inspections, we aim for excellence in every service we provide. Exceeding expectations in service is the epitome of excellent customer care. Going above and beyond what is required not only demonstrates a genuine commitment to client satisfaction but also sets us apart from our competitors. Whether it's communicating with clients or Realtors, delivering a comprehensive home inspection report, providing recommendations for repairs, or resolving issues efficiently, exceeding expectations showcases dedication and professionalism. We desire to give clients a positive experience that will leave a lasting impression. 


Home Inspection

Home Inspection is a thorough, visual examination and evaluation of the condition and functionality of a residential property.


Commercial Inspection

Commercial Inspections are thorough assessments conducted on commercial properties to evaluate their overall condition and identify any potential issues or risks. 


Termite Inspection

A Termite Inspection is a crucial process that involves assessing a property for the presence of termites or any potential damage caused by these destructive pests. 

Radon testing Kentucky and Indiana Curtis Home Inspections

Radon Testing

Radon, an invisible and odorless gas, is a naturally occurring radioactive element that can seep into homes through cracks in the foundation, walls, or floors.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a technology that allows us to visually perceive the heat radiated by objects and living beings. 


Mold Testing

Mold Testing is the process of identifying and analyzing the presence of mold in a specific area. 

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